2nd Transnational Meeting – Cernache do Bonjardim, PORTUGAL

The Second Transantional Meeting was held in Cernache de Bonjardim, Portugal. 12 teachers from all partners’ schools took part at the meeting. For 5 days we had the opportunity to discuss the evaluation of the activities, we have exchanged the project materials-Lap Books, bookmarks, posters, photos, videos. We shared experience and new ideas. Working face-to face we have planned in details the next project activities until the next meeting in Ireland. We were working about the Website materials, too.
Here is the plan:
– Evaluation of the activities;
– How to become a Reading Volunteer;
– Reading Volunteers Club activities;
– Exchange of project results;
– Planning and discussing next activities.
– Project management technology;
– Planning the next Transnational meeting in Ireland;
– Web platforms;
– Team building;
We took part at interesting reading activities in Instituto Vaz Serra, Rua Libânio Vaz Serra, Cernache do Bonjardim, Portugal. We took part at Reading Marathon,too. We have visited lots of the sightseeings: Conimbriga Ruins, Joanina Library, University of Coimbra, Nazaré, Fátima, Óbidos (UNESCO´s Cities of Literature network).


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