A21_2: How are the books written? Invite authors to speak

On Thursday, February 7, 2019, the writer, Mr. Maroula Kliafa, visited our school to discuss with the group of students participating in the Erasmus + / KA2 program entitled “Reading Without Borders”. The students had read her books, such as “The History of a Young Gamer,” “The Way to Paradise is Long,” “A Ballade for Rebecca,” “Difficult Times for Little Princes,” “Wild Games” etc. The discussion was about the heroes and the meanings of the writer’s books, as well as the particular tendencies that one must have to become a writer, the joy that he gets from her creations, the reason to start a book, the way that she works and many other topics teenagers’ interests. In all the questions, Mrs. Maroula Kliafa answered willingly, with her own particular way of approaching children. Our students have benefited from this activity in many ways since it has been the reason not only to read the author’s books but also to discuss with her and to get to know her closely. The students and teachers of the pedagogical team are very grateful to Mrs. Maroula Kliafa for the opportunity she has given us.

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